Cambridge English Advanced exam

Good English, well spoken and well written, will open more doors than a college degree.(William Raspberry, Washington Post columnist)

Special congratulations go to this year’s sole candidate Emilia Blank for upholding the honour of our school in the Cambridge English Advanced exam (C1) and achieving extraordinary results.

Passing the exams in December 2015 – as a prelude to your Abitur – with a straight A has resulted in your being awarded an unexpected, yet well-deserved C2 certificate, the highest level possible, truly a most rare achievement.  Confidence, perseverance and hard work have run their natural course to success.

While other candidates opted out of class well before test day, you kept on pursuing your aim, regularly attending weekly classes to practise your skills. You can certainly expect many doors to open in the future.

Like last year we highly appreciate the support given by our former language assistant Matthew Bull, who arrived just in time for a short visit to our school, providing a final boost to speaking and writing performance. Thank you, Matt.

VHS Bielefeld has again organized and implemented the exams in their house with accustomed Expertise.


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